Friday, January 12, 2018

4Mesh Event!

Trouble Maker set includes Body paint, wall art, mesh paintbrush and 2 poses!

Its a Sweet Evil and Pink Kitten Collaboration!

Sweet Evil has made adorable body paint to wear. Includes Omega Applier and System Tattoo Layers in 100%, 80% and 50%, with and without face paint.

Wall art is a prim you can put anywhere and use the 2 poses from Pink Kitten to sit by it! 
Includes a standing and a sitting pose. 

(If you haven't visited Pink Kitten Poses yet, you're missing out! Shes got lots of cute poses and shapes too!

Grab it at the 4Mesh Event opening on the 12th of January!

Heres Your limo!

<3 Kelli

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