Friday, August 28, 2015

Something Green Hunt!

The Something Green Hunt starts on September 1st and runs until September 30th. 
Think everything green! Here is my item for this hunt. 
It includes 3 colors of green. 
Also includes Omega, TMP (The Mesh Project) & SLink appliers. 

Hunt object is 1L.

HINT: Get Comfy & Relax!

See hunt website for more info:

<3 Kelli

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sheer Tube Dress and The Dress....Now Updated with more appliers!

Check out these older designs that are all new again! I'm in the process of updating ALL older designs to include Omega, SLink and TMP appliers. And these 2 were my first projects. It's a time consuming job, so please be patient. BUT if there is any applier you'd like in the mean time, just hollar at me and I'll make it for you!
(I do however need transaction history or you can just pay a small fee for the applier of 25L each)

Here are the updated designs!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cute Tattoos!

Theres two new cute tattoos in the store. Check them out! Only 100L Each and include Slink, Omega and TMP (The Mesh Project) Appliers!

This one includes 8 different colors!

<3 Kelli

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

NEW Graphic Ts in store

10 New Graphic T's in the store! Each one only 100L and each with a different word on the front. Super cute, slightly sheer and worn looking. 
Check out all 10!

<3 Kelli

Monday, August 17, 2015


Check out the new group gift available for subscribers. If you are already a subscriber you should be receiving it automatically. If you miss it, just come and unsubscribe and subscribe again and you will receive it.

<3 Kelli

Summer Strawberry Hunt!

This hunt is everything cute and sweet and tart. Think berries, fruity, summer and tasty. It starts on August 16th and ends on the 31st. Don't miss out on it!
Here is my exclusives for this hunt. 

Each hunt item in this hunt is 2L. And at my store you get ALL 6 sets of lipsticks in ONE hunt item!

HINT: Subscribe to me

<3 Kelli

Booty Shorts Dots in store!

New Booty Shorts are in the store now! Onlyl 125L each pair. 6 Different pastel colors to choose from. Super mini shorts, with polka dots. Check 'em out!

<3 Kelli

Country Girl Tops in store!

Super cute country girl tops in store now! Only 125L Each, and there are 6 different patterns to choose from! Come check them out :)

<3 Kelli

Kawaii Leggings and Darling Tops!

Adorable outfit available at my main store!
 It is an outfit that consists of this Darling Top and Kawaii Leggings. They are made to match the colors so you're sure to look your cutest.

Check them out!

Each piece includes appliers for Omega, Slink and TMP (The Mesh Project)

Hope you enjoy!

<3 Kelli