Thursday, July 21, 2016

BabyGirl Bangles!

Set of adorable BabyGirl Bangles. 8 included. Thick with Lace, Thin with Lace, Thick with Beads and Thin with Beads. Color HUD included to change center part of Bangle.
Resize Scripted/No Mod.

Buy them from the MarketPlace

<3 Kelli

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gym Socks in store :)

Set of 24 colors of white gym socks with stripes. Super cute and can be worn with almost anything! Not just for the gym :)
Includes Omega and TMP (The Mesh Project) Appliers
System layers included are copy only!

<3 Kelli

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New Button Down Tops in store!

New Button Down Tops in store!

Sexy pulled Button Down Top. Available in 12 colors, and fatpack available in store at a discount.

Includes Omega and TMP (The Mesh Project) Appliers

System layers included are copy Only.

<3 Kelli

Face Freckles @ Roulett3

Sweet Evil is going to be at Round 6 of Roulett3! Check out the adorable 4 types of Face Freckles. One normal, one in the shape of a heart, a star and a moon. So cute! Only 55L Each at the event, going up to 75L once the event is over and they are up in the store. 

Roulett3 is a monthly event which is open for 20 days. The events start the 3rd of every month and end the 23rd of the same month.
And all desigers put new items at 20% off and older items are 50% off! 
You can't lose :)

Each includes Omega appliers and System layers.

(Round 6 Starts August 3rd)

<3 Kelli

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Pussy Shorts!

Cute and sexy...maybe a little too tight...Pussy Shorts. Available in 11 colors and 11 different patterns.
Check them all out!

Includes Omega & TMP (The Mesh Project) Appliers

ALL System layers included are copy only.

<3 Kelli

Garter Stockings & 10L Gift @ Fable!

The theme of this event is FABLE Once Upon A Time.....create your own story. What do you dream of- what is your fairy tale or horror story?

This even runs from August 6 through the 27th. 

These are my exclusives for the event!

All include Omega and TMP (The Mesh Project) Appliers
System Layers are included are copy only.

Crown and Dino Buddy are each a 10L gift at this event. Don't miss it!

Visit their blog for more info

<3 Kelli

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Oopsie Body Stickers :)

So I got bored and started sticking stickers to my body all over! Daddy's sure gonna be mad :P
Includes Omega and TMP (The Mesh Project) appliers
All system layers are included and are copy only.

<3 Kelli