Friday, January 29, 2016

Jack or Jill Hunt!

Jack or Jill Hunt starts on February 1st! 
Click here for more info:

Jack or Jill is a split path hunt that will send hunters down 2 paths, one for males and one for females. Designers on each path will offer gender appropriate gifts to hunters who find the designated hunt object in their store.

This is my exclusive hunt item!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Truth or Dare Event!

Truth or Dare Affair February 6th-27th
An Evil Bunny Production Shopping Event

The theme of this event is naughty vs nice. Exclusives will be marked in 2 ways-truth for sweet/innocent and dare for sexy/seductive. Each designer will have a $10L gift! Over 80 of SL's best designers will also provide you a gacha fair with gifts/designs for the season.

Please subscribe to the group or join Evil Bunny Hunts to stay up-to-date on all Evil Bunny Productions events. 

Group Key- cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04
(paste this number in search to pull up the group)􀁈

Lushish Catz
LX Essentials
Deluxe Body Factory

(Click pictures to make larger)

This is my exclusive for the event. A set of Lacy bra and panties. Included are Omega and TMP appliers. (SLink works with Omega)

And my exclusive 10L Gift that you can only find at this event. Don't miss out!

There is also a Gacha section! Try your luck at my two items!

(Remember it doesn't start until February 6th!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Long Sleeve Sheer Tops!

Sexy cropped Sheer Long Sleeve Tops. There is ties in the front, in the back and at each cuff of the sleeve. Lots of details :) Available in 8 colors!

Includes Omega and TMP appliers. (Omega works with SLink)

System Layers are copy only.

<3 Kelli

New Tiny Underbust Corset Tops!

New Tiny Underbust Corset. Available in 9 colors and include Omega and TMP Appliers

<3 Kelli

You & Me Hunt!

The You and Me hunt starts on February 12th and goes until The 14th. 

My Hunt Item:

For more info:

<3 Kelli

Winter Frenzy Event!

Winter Frenzy is an event that starts on January 29th and ends on January 31st, so you only have a short time to snag all the gifts, gachas and great items for sale there!

Here is some more info on it!

There is also a hunt, and this is my exclusive item:

Also in the Gacha section is my Vintage Bow Necklace Gacha:

Hope you enjoy!

LIMO (Opens January 29th!)