Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cummy Dribble

Little cummy between your boobies :)
includes Omega Applier and System Layers

System layers are copy only 

Grab it from the MarketPlace

Or TP to the store to get them!


Panty Gag

Panty Gag. 100% Mesh. Works with a HUD that changes it to 19 different babygirl patterns. 

Just wear the gag and the HUD

If you have  mesh head, just use the one made for mesh heads, and use the animation HUD you have to open your mouth.

If you dont have a mesh head, just use the one for non mesh heads, and it will open your mouth for you.

Once you wear the one you need and the HUD, click the design on the HUD you choose to change the color of the Panty Gag. 

Thats it!

Grab them from the MarketPlace

Or TP to the store to get them!


Sex Bruises ;)

Had some rough sex? These bruises will prove it! Inner thigh and Throat bruises. Includes Omega applier and System layers.

System layers are copy only.

Grab them from the MarketPlace

Or TP to the store to get them!


Kawaii and Sweet pasties!

New Pasties in store! Set of Kawaii and Sweet Pasties. Each include Omega HUD only!

Grab them on the Marketplace

Or in store!


Friday, May 12, 2017

Jersey Shore 2!

Jersey Shore 2 is coming around again! Starting on June 1 running till the end of the month, you can grab all the Carnival Bling you can handle!

The theme of Jersey Shore 2 is all things blingy, showy, over the top and beachy. The event takes place at a summer boardwalk carnival. Walk the boardwalk and enjoy 10L gifts from every designer as well as take your shot getting lucky at the gachas!  Get set for summer with a visit at the shore!

For more info:


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cutie Hair Bow!

Super Cutie Hair Bow! With a HUD so you can make it any color you wish!


Newness and a FREE GIFT!

2 new items and one free gift!

Hooker shadow includes 6 fun colors of eyeshadow.
Includes Omega and system layers!

Pastel Eyebrows include 10 colors!

Includes Catwa, Omega and TMP appliers!

And a FREE GIFT! Star Nails.
Marketplace only gift!