Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Aloha Fair!

Adorable outfit available at The Aloha Fair! This fair opens on July 27th. You can get more info here: The Aloha Fair

I have made an exclusive for this event. It is an outfit that consists of this Darling Top and Kawaii Leggings. They are made to match the colors so you're sure to look your cutest.

Check them out! Only 90L each piece.

Hope you enjoy!

<3 Kelli

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lexi Project Exclusive!

Adorable Booty Shorts in pastel colors and polka dots. Each one includes system layers and appliers for Omega, SLink and TMP (The Mesh Project).

Only 125 each and 100% of the proceeds go to Lexi Zelin to help her with her medical expenses. 

For more information click these links:

Flickr Group : 

Facebook Event Page: 

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Lexi Project

As many may know, one of SL's creators Lexi Zelin (AngelRED Couture) was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  You can read her full story here on her gofundme page:

Over the years, one of the most amazing things I have observed in SL, is the joint effort of designers, shoppers and performers coming together to support one another in their time of need or financial hardship.  Lexi is facing this now.  We have decided to put together an event, open to all creators in SL, who would like to donate one or two items to help raise funds to assist Lexi in her battle to fight cancer.  

If you are a designer and are interested in helping out go HERE to sign up :)

New Fishnet Knee High Socks & Gym Socks!

Cute set of knee high gym socks. Includes 15 colors. 

Includes Omega, Slink and TMP (The Mesh Project) Appliers

System Layers are copy only.

Also Knee High Fishnets

Includes 12 Colors

Includes Omega, Slink and TMP (The Mesh Project) Appliers

System Layers are copy only.

Or TP to store to by either one!

<3 Kelli

High Waist Skirts in store!

Sexy and daring High Waist skirts in store now. These are high waisted but also super ultra short in the front. Not covering any of your secrets!

Available in 5 colors. Red, Burgundy, Black, Taupe and Mauve.
Includes Omega, Slink and TMP (The Mesh Project) Appliers.
System Layer is copy only.

<3 Kelli

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cummy Mess!

What A Cummy Mess! 
Includes the following: 
Cummy Body 
Cummy Face 
Cummy Face, Titties & Pearl Necklace 
Cummy Face & Titties 
Cummy Ass & Titties 
Cummy Pussy 
Cummy Ass 
Cummy Pearl Necklace 
Cummy Titties

Includes: Omega, Slink and TMP (the Mesh Project) Appliers
System Layers are copy only.

<3 Kelli

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Daddy's Girl Panties In store!

Adorable Daddy's Girl Panties. Available in 5 colors. Says "Daddy's Girl" On the back of each pair. 100L Each!

Includes: Omega 
TMP (The Mesh Project) 

System Layer is copy only.

<3 Kelli

Friday, July 3, 2015

Apply Me!

Be part of the biggest gathering of Mesh Body Compatible Creators in Second Life!

A exclusive monthly marketing venue for designers and creators with quality, diverse and premium design that promote the latest trends in SL fashion. APPLY ME aims to help promote designer’s latest design on appliers on the following system: Omega Appliers, Slink Physique Appliers, TheMeshProject Appliers, Belleza Bodies Applier, Maitreya Bodies Applier, Lelutka Head Applier, Eve Body, WOWMEH, SLINK, ALTAMURA and more.

APPLY ME is set set to take place every 10th until 20th of the month.

Landmark: To be announced soon.

Check out the 70 participating desingers:
WoW Skins, Zibska, Altamura, EVE - Ginger Chevallier, Mundos, JUMO Fashion, LaVian&Co., SlackGirl, Petit Chat, Alaskametro<3 belle="" br="" ch="" cherie="" evil="" s="" starbitch-design="" sweet="" zoom=""> {POSH PIXELS}, Certifye, Kirei, Glitzz, L'Emacity, M&M Incorporated, The Whoreshop!, Cherished Creations, .: Tits Up! :., Uni-qu3, Scandal Fashions , KL Couture, TnO,, Pink Pearl Designs, BITTERSweet, Nailed It, Supernatural, .PoshTale., Testimony, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Xxxtasi, femme.couture, MEOWpolitan, Sweet E's Designs, DivahZ Couture, Belles Parisiennes, Ever An' Angel, ! Beautiful Dangerous !, Shady Ladies, SHEY, , **ORCHIDEA**, SexicalMoi, UNiQ PhaZe, Liline's fayrie, LOUX, October's 4Seasons, Simply Me! - Fashion with Attitude,  [[ Masoom ]], FLRN DESIGN, PixyStix, Tooty Fruity

Media Contact:
Fuzz Lennie,

SOLARIS… Where Fashion Revolves!

A Full Service Integrated marketing communications agency serving Second Life’s Fashion and Lifestyle Industries.

Our team has a proven track record of providing affordable integrated marketing services including public relations, social media and event production to Second Life’s Fashion Industry
We assist both emerging and established fashion, accessories, beauty and lifestyle brands their marketing needs. SOLARIS has its own model group of SL’s most experienced and talented models who assist in process of connecting fashion and entertainment with leading Second Life brands.
Some of the known and new events to be offered by SOLARIS include: Fashion Week, seasonal fashion presentations, Sneak Peek, a monthly currated fashion shopping experience, monthly Exclusive fashion salons and designer Exclusive runway shows.

Same Leadership, Same Team, Legendary Vision

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Glowy Bracelets!

Set of 2 cute glowy bracelets. I'm always obsessed with these at concerts or for parties, so I decided to make myself some in SL. They have a glow to them so make sure glow is enabled in your graphics. 
No mod, but are resize scripted. 
Copy Only. 
Work with any and all avatars, mesh or otherwise.

<3 Kelli

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Booboo Knees in store.

Cute little Booboo knees. 14 different color bandages included with a booboo. Includes Omega, Slink and TMP ( The Mesh Project) Appliers. System Layer is copy only. Only 150L For all of them!

<3 Kelli