Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Saving Sight

Dear fellow Second Lifers. 

Our dear friend Shane, Owner of DEADPOOL has some very concerning health issues going on at the moment. I am sure that not many of you know that for the last several years Shane has been battling cancer. Though Shane is one of the best content creators in SecondLife bringing us a very unique high quality productions to help meet and  inspire our creative needs...

On top of this Shane has been struggling with Graves Disease, this causes his left eye to distend outward and his eye ball to become fixed into upward stare. He currently have so much swelling around his optic nerve it has now compromised his eye sight. Shane just started an extensive IV steroid treatment (1000mg of steroids every 3 days) and now his right eye has started to become inflamed. The new medication that he need is a massive $10,000 per injection and is a last resort. This medication is not fully covered. He need 3 of theses as well as an endocrine specialists and surgeons, Orbit decompression, squint surgery. Not to mention a surgery in late sept/early oct for lymph node removal. 

Shanes own words: Needless to say things have become very hard for myself and my family. I am unable to work at his point, insurance pay barely covers bills, credit cards are maxed out, and a loan hanging over my head. 
I am now asking for help for first time in my life. Anything will help and every dollar counts. I would be ever so grateful for anything that people would be willing to pitch in. 
You never realize how much you need your eyes until sight becomes an issue. I just want to see my kids grow up.

Below is a link to his gofundme page as well as more information on what is going on with him! We hope you join us in the donation process and events that are coming up and on going. Lets pull our community together and show how we can come together and help one of our own in need! 

gofundme page @      

Help us to fight against his Graves Disease/Thyroid eye disease!                                                                           

Saving sight will go from September 12th through September 27th.
This is my exclusive for this event. 100% of the profits going to Shane. Also the other items in my booth, 100% of those profits go to Shane also. Together we can make a difference. 

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